Aura Color of You

It is been a couple of years ago, PIM is becoming one of my favorite place to killing time on weekends. In addition, beside boutiques, cinema and restorants, I like to feel the atmosphere and watch each style of its visitors.

Saw people walking around in the PIM, almost like watching a fashion parade in JakartaFashionWeek but in real manaquins version.

Everybody using a variety of clothes and colors which is a statement itself … The color which they choose was expressing mood / personality, even the identity of users.

Speaking of color, I find an interesting store in PIM Skywalk, named Arya Deva Crystal Gallery. It is selling a variety of crystal stones and jewelry made of beautiful stones. The most interesting thing is Mr. Arya, owner of the gallery, is also an aura’s reader.

According to him, there are 4 main color of aura in humans: red, yellow, green and blue colors plus 10 secondary colors. Hhmmm.. Interesting and curios, I tried it, after 5 minutes, I find out that I have a blue aura chakra with gold circle … What’s yours? ^_^

*PIM : Pondok Indah Mall – South Jakarta

2 thoughts on “Aura Color of You

  1. eeehh gw jg pernah foto aura disiniii, ga percaya sih gw ama beginian.
    wkt itu nemenin temen aja yangggg… patah hati, xixixixi.

    baru tao lu ngeblog jg *yaiyalah juragan idblognetwork gitu loh*
    gw add link yaaa, tambahin follower di blogku doonkkk

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