Sushi, Eat with Your Eyes

When I planned to meet my friends to have a chit-chat or just gossiping .. A Sushi restaurant always becoming my first choice.

Salmon IndetailNot just they have a lot of variety menus, but me and my friends always choice the nearest place from the chef. We love watching their actions, their speed in processing the sushi until creating a food masterpiece, not only delicious but also beautiful.

Eating sushi also teach us the beauty of sharing… when the waitress came, we always take 2 minutes to discuss and admire the food… The taste and The look always reminds us to comeback again ^_^

My menus recommendations :

  1. Always order Edamame, the green beans, this appetizer is help you to killing time while you are waiting your sushi. 1 portion is enough for 3-4 person
  2. In additional, I also order miso soup for myself.
  3. If you came earlier at 4-6pm with 3 friends, do not forget to ask the waitress to show chef’s recommendation and which menu is serving in 6-8 pieces (big portion) just like my favorite ones : krakatau dan salmon Roll ^_^ … also last but not least, check the restorant Promo for today.

9 thoughts on “Sushi, Eat with Your Eyes

  1. I like sushi very much.. When I visit Surabaya or Jakarta, I always spend my time to visit sushitei.. It is my favourite sushi restaurant. 🙂

  2. Seumur gue belum pernah makan Sushi. Kayak apa sih mbak rasanya ? Apakah sama dengan Nasi dibungkus daun pisang ? Eh, itu mah namanya Lontong. Uaaaaaa…..Liat gambarnya aja udah ngiler neh…Kapan ya bisa makan Sushi..

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